The VIP Package

The VIP Package

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This is the package to give you that PUSH to get into that fitness lifestyle..Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or have reached a plateau, this is what's going to push you over the hump. Everything in this package is about biting the bullet and GOING ALL IN! After all, our life's happiness starts with how we feel about ourselves. Why not be fully committed so the happiness can trickle down into all other areas of your life?

I've noticed that the ability to interact so quickly through social media tends to hold a stronger accountability to each client. Coaching will be through Snapchat and Facebook throughout the entire 4 weeks. It's all about holding you accountable, coaching, and making that shift to a new lifestyle.

Choosing the The VIP package means you get first priority. We will spend a lot of one-on-one time transforming your life and your body. If you choose this package, I look forward to watching you create the life you want... 


  • Customized Meal Plan
  • Customized Workout Plan
  • Access to private email for CLIENTS ONLY so you can reach me faster with any questions you may have


  • Coaching throughout the entire 4 weeks
  • Review of your weekly progress photos to measure progress and reevaluate your program if needed

Plus More Coaching

  • Receive emails, Facebook messages, and/or Snapchats from me at random to see how you are responding to the program and adjust accordingly
  • Access to PRIVATE Facebook group with other VIPS. This group will allow you to compare notes and get to know others who are in the same stage of their journey as you.
  • Snapchat Friends! We will be able to chat and send pics on Snapchat with each other for coaching! It's another way to coach, check in, and measure progress.
  • FREE Tracker Calendar to measure your progress along the way