The Scoreboard Challenge

Each player's weekly and total PERCENT OF BODY WEIGHT LOST is shown. We're using percentage of body weight to keep it fair and discreet ;).


(Failure to submit pictures by deadline will result in disqualification from the game to be fair to those who submit theirs on time.)


- The goal is to lose as much body weight percentage as possible. So if you weigh 200 lbs and lose 20 lbs over the challenge, you lost 10% of your starting body weight. (lbs lost/starting weight = % body weight lost) Whoever loses the most body weight percentage wins.
- Each player will email pictures of their scale, feet showing, showing a piece of paper with each weeks hashtag written on it. The hashtag is used as a time stamp to prevent cheating. Weekly hashtags will be posted to the Facebook group the day before weekly pictures are to be submitted.
- Failure to submit pictures by deadline (Sundays, 11:59) will result in disqualification from the game to be fair to those who submit theirs on time.
- You will also be asked to create a username for the scoreboard, since I know our weight can be a sensitive thing and everyone may not want their names out there. ;)


  • Digital scale in pounds
  • Ability to send in pictures of scale
  • Facebook account


    • Challenge instructions (includes my private email for weekly weigh-ins)
    • Access to private Facebook group for accountability and support
    • Sample diet & exercise plan (the diet I'm currently following & recommendations)
    • Entry to the game where rankings will be shown in scoreboard above (don't worry, no actual scale numbers will be shown! Only percentage of body weight lost ;) and you'll have your own username in case you want to keep your identity private!)


    - We will have our own private Facebook group where we will be able to support and hold each other accountable. We'll be sharing our favorite meals, food ideas, stories, and create our own supportive community.
    - I recommend sharing your weekly goals in the Facebook group since it holds us more accountable.


    There won't be any coaching or custom plans with this challenge, but I will share with you the diet and exercise plan that I am currently following. This is something that you will be able to substitute in the foods that YOU want to eat.


    Weekly winners: The person that loses the highest percentage of initial body weight for that week only.
    Challenge winner: The person that loses the highest percentage of starting body weight over the entire 4 weeks.
    Full disclosure: Unfortunately, there won't be any cash prizes other than announcing winners on my YouTube videos.  The last challenge I did, I ended up paying out of pocket for the winner (and she well deserved it!), but I'm still trying to get this community up and going, so there won't be any cash prizes until we build it up a little bit ;). So again, your purchase of the challenge will go to supporting our community so we can keep it going and I can keep making videos that I hope you enjoy!
    Weekly Winners and the Challenge Winner will be posted on the scoreboard above and at the end of my weekly Losing Weight YouTube videos.


    "You won't be happy at the destination if you can't be happy on the journey" -unknown