About me

My Weight Loss Journey

As I go through this experience of trying to figure this whole "fitness thing out," my mission is to share everything I learn along the way.

I started my YouTube channel in 2015 to document my journey in weight loss and share with you everything I learn in the process. Since then, my journey has been a series of getting "on" and "off" the wagon, and back again. During this time, my biggest goal has been to figure out the secret of what makes us actually stick to a healthy/fit lifestyle and enjoy it.

I have just begun my new program (The Turbo Plan) and it feels so much different this time. I am not depriving myself of what I want, I'm not waking up each morning trying to "stick with it" as best as I can. I am looking forward to each day bringing me closer to my goals and most importantly, I feel like I'm eating what I want. I believe the secret is all in our self image (more on that soon!).

My mission is to find the key to unlocking the mind shift that rids of self sabotage and share it with the world.

I truly believe that there is a 'secret' to getting fit without having to use "willpower" or constantly "battle" ourselves. The reason most of us want to be fit is because it is part of what we envision as an enjoyable life. But depriving ourselves is not an "enjoyable life." We will get it done and it is possible.

My program

The Turbo Plan

Check out the program I designed for myself to lose as much weight as possible, as quickly as possible! Everything is planned out for optimal fat loss. From meal timing and portion sizes to workout timing, I'm pulling out all the stops to get in shape, ASAP!



My favorite quick & easy recipes and how I meal prep to make life during the week easier.


Daily weight tracker to stay on track with your progress.


More about my weight loss journey.